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mutatis mutandis

A succession of drizzly days has discouraged the crows in my corn patch, to my everlasting gratitude.  I’m not the only grateful one.  Zillions of non-corn seeds gladdened themselves out of dormancy into robust and active life. Weeds.  Everybody who’s … Continue reading

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crows and countermeasures

with great appreciation to Sam Russell, who told me what to do; and Cornell University’s 1909 Circular No. 6, for explaining how. I hustled to plant my colored corn at an auspicious time, just before a rainy spell around Memorial … Continue reading

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midas touch

“It’s the Midas touch,” my late father-in-law used to say, “when everything I lay hold of turns into gold . . . for the repairman.”  That statement goes along with the truism, “equipment only breaks when you use it.”  Every … Continue reading

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Before the world-wide-web, before the Entertainment Industry, before silent movies . . . there was Chautauqua. I learned of Chautauqua from my grandparents, who owned a portable hand-cranked roller organ whose varnished oak case was lettered with the word in … Continue reading

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progress reports

My best ideas often arrive in startling flashes of cognition that give me  an image of the end product, and a great deal of start-up initiative.  Linen garb?  Find seeds now!  Leather shoes?  Call the butcher for hides!  That’s the … Continue reading

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compare and contrast

I spent most of yesterday at a conference 60-odd miles southwest of here.  The sessions I attended were wonderful, I made new friends, I have pages and pages of new ideas to think on . . . and I have … Continue reading

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while the sun shines

Whatever could this shadow be? This kicker wagon holds maybe 85 or 100 bales of hay, depending on how they’re piled.  Putting away the first hundred bales is a good warmup, and the next few loads aren’t too bad either; … Continue reading

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