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a parent perplexity

Recently I asked my three children this question:  “What do you think about naked people on a calendar?”  They were surprised by the question, because in their collective awareness, calendars and nudity haven’t yet mixed.  So they giggled–“Weird!” said the … Continue reading

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This evening my eldest kid and I spent sunset floating on Lake Eligo, a narrow two-mile-long lake near our farm.  While his sisters are aquatically-inclined, and love jumping into Eligo even when its waters are unreasonably cold, Jason (and me, … Continue reading

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mutatis mutandis

A succession of drizzly days has discouraged the crows in my corn patch, to my everlasting gratitude.  I’m not the only grateful one.  Zillions of non-corn seeds gladdened themselves out of dormancy into robust and active life. Weeds.  Everybody who’s … Continue reading

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corn, second attempt

When the replacement corn planting emerged, I guarded the sprouts all weekend long.  In my experience, they’re most vulnerable before their leaves start unfolding. My gospel warned me that even though I treated the corn seed, I still might lose … Continue reading

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crows and countermeasures

with great appreciation to Sam Russell, who told me what to do; and Cornell University’s 1909 Circular No. 6, for explaining how. I hustled to plant my colored corn at an auspicious time, just before a rainy spell around Memorial … Continue reading

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near sights

The horses’ winter paddock included the residues of last year’s corn patch.  Their generous leavings, plus a spreaderful of cow manure, got plowed under and then had a harrowing experience to make the ground ready for seeding this year.  My … Continue reading

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On this, the first beautiful day after eons of rainy weather, when I should have been… …mowing the yard, hanging the laundry, making the kids play outdoors… …I did none of the above.  Instead I… …hoed out the house, hired … Continue reading

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lightness of being

With gratitude to Ellie Epp, who perceives things. Cholangiocarcinoma:  that is to say, my father is no longer on earth. Sometimes I have to work at being happy.  This morning a Facebook friend shared a link that helped:  Is … Continue reading

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stomping grounds

What with one thing and another, my kids and I spent this Thanksgiving in my childhood hometown in central Pennsylvania.  We took delight in a particularly fine Black Friday outing, soaking up sunshine and 60-degree temperatures: a far cry from … Continue reading

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Have I mentioned I’m training a saddle mare?  Probably not, because I’m on unfamiliar ground and I’ve been more than a bit superstitious about drawing attention to our work.  Pride goeth before, and all that. I hate falling.  I’ve feared … Continue reading

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