compare and contrast

I spent most of yesterday at a conference 60-odd miles southwest of here.  The sessions I attended were wonderful, I made new friends, I have pages and pages of new ideas to think on . . . and I have come back with a fresh perspective on this beautiful workplace I sometimes take for granted.

At the conference there was a special place just for cars to park:

Gutterson Parking Garage, UVM

Where I work, the parking lot is a great deal more diverse:

Sugarhouse Parking Lot, Sterling College

Both places have certain parking conventions:

Special but anonymous parking, UVM

Special parking just for Barb, Sterling College

There, the buildings are mostly taller than the trees:

University Heights dormitories, UVM

 Here we do it the other way around:

Dunbar Hall entrance, Sterling College

Both places have structures of brick and concrete, I notice:

Student residences, UVM

Student-built outdoor oven, Sterling College

Both campuses have miles of opportunity for foot travel, but the footpaths there are paved:

well-marked footpath through campus, UVM

Whereas the trails here are not:

lane to campus woodlot, Sterling College

Both places use signs to give direction:

Direction, UVM

Directions, Sterling College

This sign seems abrupt:

traffic control sign, UVM

I think this one is more polite:

Traffic control sign, Sterling College

In both places, signs explain norms:

Explanation, UVM

Explanation, Sterling College

Campus security seems good there as well as here:

Vigilance, UVM

Vigilance, Sterling College

Both places include legumes in their permaculture plantings:

lawn of white clover and crown vetch, UVM

pasture with red clover and cow vetch, Sterling College

And both places have bird life:

Gull taking bird's-eye view of campus, UVM

Bird's-eye view of student project, Sterling College

The main place-difference I notice is that the conference center has a beautiful view of Vermont’s landscape . . .

Green Mountains to the east of campus, UVM

. . .while back  here in Craftsbury, we are Vermont’s landscape.

Wild apples, hillside, and the McCarthy Barns, Sterling College

Wonderful as it is to attend conferences, see a new place, and hear tales of other campuses, I’m not a bit sorry to work at this one.


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15 Responses to compare and contrast

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh this is such a wonderful post Jody! You’ve made me smile with all the memories I have of Vermont…

  2. elena gustavson says:

    I love this Jody!! To get a glimpse of what you see, is such a joy. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Jody this is AMAZING! You have such a wonderful eye and I can’t tell you how happy your blog makes me feel.

  4. Hap Schneider says:

    Thisn just proves why I love Sterling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hap Schneider
    Rooter ’83

  5. Amy says:

    I was a student and an employee in both places myself. I found your comparison fair and balanced with a logical conclusion. But next time, let me know you’re coming so I can meet you for lunch!

  6. Liz Nelson says:

    Sweet compare and contrast, Jody! Liz

  7. Maegan says:

    As always profound and good-humored. So pleased to discover you have a blog Jody! Love it!

  8. tring11 says:

    Jodi, I love these comparisons. Really makes me happy with the decision I made to attend Sterling : )

    – Trevor

  9. farmerjo says:

    Sterling puts uncommon in the Common, I always thought.

  10. Sydney says:

    Jody – Thank you for reminding me why I love living/working here soooo much. Sterling is great!

  11. Katie says:

    Jody this is a beautiful post! Keep it up, you’re something special.

  12. Melanie Wingensiefen says:

    Jody, you just made my day with this beautiful post. At several times i the past I had thoughts similar to your photos and musings that go with them. You made a “picture book” out of those thoughts and have shown us in what beautiful surroundings we are not only allowed to live..but also to work, vacation and celebrate milestones! Thank you for being a part of my neighborhood, village, life and soon again work! You better come often to the kitchen for a bowl of tea!

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